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The Placement of Planet Mars and its Impact on your Marital Life

25th June 2012
According to the Indian Vedic Astrology, Mars is considered to be a hostile planet and inauspicious by many. It is known to have a negative influence on one’s marriage life and a person who is affected by these planetary positions either ends up remaining... Read >
Author: Sanjeev Pahwa

The Role of Public Relations Management

29th November 2010
Maintaining public relations is a very important facet of the overall business activities and also portraying the correct image to everyone, such as individuals, employees and even government. Every organization goes to various phases in the process of gr... Read >
Author: Chris Cornell

How to build a wooden go cart

05th April 2009
A go cart is a handy and useful thing to have. Best go carts are of course made of wood. It's a good thing to know how to build a a go cart, and how to build a wooden go cart in particular. Go carts are used for transportation. This is why there are 3 mai... Read >
Author: Robert Bell

How To Get Your Boyfriend Back When He Is Ignoring You

26th June 2008
How do I get my boyfriend back? He has been ignoring me and I do not know what to do next? Does the above question apply to you? It is important to know that there are certain things that should not be done if you want to get your boyfriend back. Doing th... Read >
Author: Allan Lim
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