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Calgary Zoo Discount Tickets

28th April 2011
Located in Calgary, Alberta, CA, it's located just east of the city's bustling downarea district its place to over 1,000 animals belonging to over 290 species excluding aquatic life and insects. The Bow River compromises a fairly big portion of the zoo wh... Read >
Author: BrandiMartinez

Scientific Instruments From Biochrom

12th April 2011
Biochrom Ltd. is a UK-based global supplier and manufacturer of quality scientific instruments such as spectrophotometers, amino acid analyzers, and microplate instrumentation. Biochrom is renowned as a specialist maker of scientific instruments that have... Read >
Author: Diane Curtis

How to read ISIN?

12th April 2009
ISIN code:BR AAA BBB CC The two first characters (BR) identify the contry code. The four characters (AAAA) are alphanumeric and identify the issuer. The three characters (BBB) are alpha-numeric and identify the type of the asset, and it may have an automa... Read >
Author: Vicky Advani

Why The Proper Choice Of Kayak Trailer Is Important

19th February 2008
In olden days, kayaking was applied for fishing purpose only. With changing times, though, the kayak has become a very popular sport. The kayaks are made from different materials and have various designs. The kayaks are used for sport, recreation and tran... Read >
Author: Peter Gitundu

Hardwood Softwood Lumber Grades & Ways They Are Sold & Priced

24th November 2005
In this article I will not go into explaining the rules of grading hardwood or softwood lumber as they are very complicated and lengthy. I will list the grades that are sold, the dimensions that are available and the ways retailers price and sell lumber. ... Read >
Author: Johnny {J W} Morlan
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