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What Does a Fashion Designer Do?

26th September 2011
What does a fashion designer do? This may seem obvious, but fashion designers may have numerous different responsibilities that you never thought of. Of course, a fashion designers main job is typically designing clothes, shoes and/or accessories. This i... Read >
Author: The Sider Group

Why is a Bikini Called a Bikini?

29th May 2010
This week in Australia we are celebrating the birth of all those little, itsy, bitsy, pieces of swimsuits called a bikini. If you have ever thought it a strange name for such a flimsy bit of wishful thinking, you may be interested in knowing where and how... Read >
Author: Minbani

Michael Kors Watches – Loved by the Celebrities!

11th January 2010
The designer Michael Kors was always passionate about fashion and design from a young age and began designing clothes at the age of 19 whilst studying fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Fashion was also something that was a... Read >
Author: David Allen

Trends in Fashion among the Teenagers

08th January 2010
You can find hundreds of articles or may be more on the internet dedicated to men, women, and kids regarding the latest fashion trends. But very few articles mention about the growing awareness of fashion among the teens. Teenage is an age when you try ou... Read >
Author: fashionmodeluk

Manish Malhotra

22nd July 2008
Manish Malhotra is the most famous designer in Indian Fashion Industry as well as Film Industry. Manish turned the concept of fashion designing in the Bollywood when he designed the costumes for the beautiful Juhi Chawla for the film. Malhotra's first ... Read >
Author: peterhutch
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