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Have Fun with Cheerleader Dog Dresses

18th May 2011
Cheerleader dog dresses are simply adorable. They’re so cute they’ll make anyone stop for a second look to check out your pet and comment on her choice of attire. They come in a variety of sizes to fit most small dogs and since there is one available for ... Read >
Author: Lisa A. Mason

Refill Easy with Epson CX11NF Print Cartridges to Extend your Laser Printing Budget

10th August 2010
Epson Aculaser compatible toner refill kits are exclusively formulated to match the material specifications of the Epson AcuBrite toner supplied with the print cartridges of Aculaser units such as the Aculaser CX11NF. Hence, with this view in mind, the co... Read >
Author: F. Xavier

TAG Heuer Pendulum, Beyond Groundbreaking

09th August 2010
Is it possible, after all these years to create truly groundbreaking inventions in timekeeping? Well, if your name is TAG Heuer, the answer is, yes. TAG Heuer didn't obtain their avant-garde reputation by sitting on the sidelines and resting on their laur... Read >
Author: WatchesOnNet.com

1970's dress in the disco era

21st June 2010
believe it or not Disco had zip to do with the way that you dressed, although it was a type of music. However , with the fashion world always developing with its place in history, as disco music hit the scene, the fashion went with it also. To understand ... Read >
Author: FancyDress NineteenSeventies

How To Spike A Volleyball Correctly: First Learn These Terms

18th June 2010
Hitting a volleyball is the most fun part of the game. In this article I explain several hitting terms like tool, wipe, down ball and free ball. tool - "Tool" the block is another way of saying "use the block" which happens when a hitter aims the ball... Read >
Author: volleyballvoices

Spousal Emotional Abuse - How to Break the Cycle of Emotional Psychological Abuse

29th March 2010
Emotional psychological abuse from your intimate partner is as clear as the day is long when on the receiving end. But for the bystanders, it's ambiguous. Some people will even tell you that when you are the abused, on some level, you become a bystande... Read >
Author: Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Four Factors To Keep In Mind Before You Buy Portable Oxygen Concentrators

11th March 2010
Portable oxygen concentrators have become an important part of our lives nowadays. Whether it be from health problems or pollution, these machines are getting increasingly popular. If you live in a big metropolis you realize how difficult it can be to sim... Read >
Author: Ned Dagostino

The 1994 NBA Finals

23rd January 2009
Introduction: Who would rise up and claim the NBA's first championship of the post-Jordan era? Two fantastic centers in the prime of their careers, Hakeem Olajuwon of the Houston Rockets and Patrick Ewing of the New York Knicks, looked to cement their le... Read >
Author: sportsfan1000

Three Simple Steps To More Profitable Forex Trade

08th September 2008
Jeffrey Tan FXAutoAlerts.com Whether you are new and a seasoned forex trader, one cannot escape the fact that every trade requires the knowledge to recognize the right conditions to enter a trade, where to place your stop loss, determine your target ... Read >
Author: Jeff Tan
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