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Lampe Berger

11th April 2011
The television, the radio, the internet, cars and airplanes, are just some of the few amazing scientific inventions in history. Smaller inventions often end up going unnoticed and taken for granted. While it may seem different, in no way are these sci... Read >
Author: kathri88

How to buy a good essential oil like Dermastir

28th February 2011
Essential oils are readily available from pharmacies or health food shops. Although readily available, the quality of essential oils from one brand to another can vary drastically whether you buy them locally or not. Poor quality oils (oils that have be... Read >
Author: Zaza

Knowing The Components In Soap Making

26th April 2010
There are a variety of methods which can be used for soap making. The central process for creating bars of solid soap is the same for each technique, but there are disparities depending on the method used by the soap-maker. In all courses, the oil or fat ... Read >
Author: Jen Hopkins

Circle E Candles – The Finest in Hand-Poured Candles

11th November 2009
Circle E Candles have been a leader in the scented candle making industry for quite some time. Even now, all of their candles are hand-poured for the finest quality. The first thing you'll notice about the Circle E Candle is the elegantly designed candle ... Read >
Author: John Tortorice
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