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5 Arguments Against Workplace Drug Testing Are They Valid?

17th November 2010
There are arguments against drug testing in the workplace commonly based on legal and ethical issues, and sometimes on workplace practices. They deserve to be considered on their merits. Whether the issue is the type of drug testing kits in use, or the na... Read >
Author: Stephen M Lane

Social Media: A Guide for Lawyers

07th July 2010
The emergence of social media has made information accessible to people worldwide. As companies in various industries iron out plans to engage in social media, many in the legal field are left wondering: "How can this method of communication benefit me an... Read >
Author: kevincollinslaw

What Drives Unethical Behaviour? Lessons from F1 McLaren Mercedes driver featuring Santander UK

18th March 2010
The way organisations conduct themselves can affect lives. Organisations continually face ethical issues. Unethical behaviours can lead to highly visible and expensive consequences. Nevertheless, organisations and their staff at times do behave unethicall... Read >
Author: Simon King

Types of Ethical Issues, illustrated by Lewis Hamilton Formula One featuring Abbey Santander UK

09th March 2010
The way in which organisations conduct their activities can affect people both individually and/or collectively as a society. Organisations constantly have to consider ethical issues in conducting their activities. But what types of ethical issues do they... Read >
Author: Simon King
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