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Triax Cables can Improve On-Wafer Parametric Testing

19th January 2011
In wafer level DC measurements, anticipating the signal magnitudes makes it easier to assess potential sources of error. For simplicity, letís assume all of the signals being measured are neither high voltage (i.e., greater than 100V) or high current (gre... Read >
Author: Paul Franklin

Dreambox Power supply and DiSEqC Motors for the best results

06th September 2010
Operating the Dreambox, or the DM800 HD receiver will require just a little more to ensure that uninterrupted TV time. The SATandCABLE online store has a unique set of power supply gadgets that promise to keep your satellite TV viewing hassle free and enj... Read >
Author: andreagasee

Passive Antenna for 2 Way Radios by Manzie R Lawfer, President, 2 Way Radio Express

22nd January 2010
Two way radios are a great way for businesses to improve safety, increase efficiency and boost productivity. However walls and other obstacles can sometimes prevent clear radio communications throughout a facility. Consider the passive antenna. A pas... Read >
Author: Manzie Lawfer

Cable TV - from a cable to the screen

13th March 2009
Cable TV was actually pioneered way back in 1948 in the Pennsylvania Mountains. Back then, it was actually called CATV which stood for Community Area TV. Mr. John Watson The name of the Cable TV pioneer is Mr. John Watson. It was Mr. Watson who first ca... Read >
Author: Mel C

Computer Network Topology

14th January 2006
The way how computer connect each other is called topology of network. Network topology refers to how physical layout of the network is organised. It is important to choose the right topology for how the network will be used. Each topology has its own cha... Read >
Author: Dicky Satrio Sudiro
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