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The Designer Who Revolutionized Freestyle Skiing

14th November 2011
Master ski designer Eric Bobrowicz has revolutionized the entire winter sports industry from his unassuming base in the resort of Serre Chevalier in the French Alps. Inventor of the pioneering Ride Doctor Pro Twin skis, Bobrowicz ("Bob" to his friends) ha... Read >
Author: IvanOliver

Top 10 European Ski Resorts

10th October 2011
When the word “skiing” is mentioned, most people will think about famous ski destinations such as the French Alps and Aspen. However, skiers and travelers who are in-the-know have their own favorite skiing resorts. It seems that Europe is home... Read >
Author: John McMalcolm

Some Useful Ideas for Skiing holidays in France

10th March 2011
With heavy snow hitting France early this year, skiing holidays in France seem like the perfect retreat from a hectic, overloaded work routine. While there are many places in the world to ski, only France offers the best variety of option for holiday ski-... Read >
Author: david.croftie

Holidays in France

09th January 2009
France is the perfect destination for a short city-break, camping trip, a romantic getaway or a family holiday. In France, the choices are endless; you're guaranteed to find your perfect trip. Accommodation ranges from luxury hotels, villas and spa resort... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer
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