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MBA Professions

15th January 2013
The professions within the MBA are opened virtually for any students who have gained an MBA degree. There are several MBA career opportunities to be found in almost all the business field that you can think of. Any type of job which you can acquire is dep... Read >
Author: nikitagupta

Be a global leader with an MBA degree

25th July 2012
In this globalised era, leaders are required in corporate world to facilitate the business processes in a proper way. Today, MBA Degree is synonymous with manger, and the leader of tomorrow. MBA is well known education qualification which shapes your car... Read >
Author: David Acer

Career Opportunities after MBA

18th May 2012
In today’s time MBA is considered to be the most rewarding degree because of the wide range of career opportunities it provides. A person with MBA degree can opt for any job from a variety of jobs available to him, especially management level jobs. MBA is... Read >
Author: IBMR Gurgaon

CFA or FRM: Solving the Dilemma for students

10th February 2012
CFA and FRM are two of the leading financial certifications in India. Many MBA students pursue these financial certifications to enhance their financial knowledge. Here the interviewer Aditya Ahluwalia, expert CFA coach to seek answers to the CFA or FR... Read >
Author: PoojaSwami

Why should I do MBA after Engineering?

19th December 2011
I always used to wonder when some of many old friends and classmates who have completed their engineering opted for management studies. It was rather shocking for me to understand as to why these qualified engineers opted for an MBA degree and are ready t... Read >
Author: jollysteve

Equity Research Online Certification Program

13th January 2011
What is Equity Research? Equity Research analysts follow stocks and make recommendations on whether to buy, sell, or hold those securities using Fundamental Analysis. Equity analysts typically focus on one sector and will cover up to 20 companies' sto... Read >
Author: CB Academy

How to Select Right MBA Specialization?

09th March 2010
Most students accomplish their MBA program in popular fields like finance and marketing, but these are not the only specialization programs offered by the MBA colleges and universities. There are more areas in MBA studies offered for individuals related t... Read >
Author: NickR

Distance Learning Degrees - International University

15th February 2010
Atlantic International University (AIU) Atlantic International University online distance learning degree programs are for adult learners at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral level. You will find a wide range of majors and areas of study that are aff... Read >
Author: emmarobert

Some Tips to Write Assignments for MBA

19th March 2009
MBA is the course of decision making for managerial position. An MBA student can propose quick decision in the favor of an organization. The course is not much hard if a student think over that practically. It is the course of practical knowledge in manag... Read >
Author: Gian Brett
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