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Play Easy Guitar Songs in No Time!Play Easy Guitar Songs in No Time!

07th April 2011
If you are interested in learning how to play a guitar, you might find it to be quite hard especially if you have no experience in playing. For the most part, you will have to learn a lot of chords to play some of your favorite songs. But what if I tell y... Read >
Author: Taylor Benjamin

Jamplay Review - Jamplay vs. Guitartricks

07th July 2010
JamplayI will not carry a lot time of yours, and swiftly give you a run down on the advantages of just trying out the Totally free Instructions supplied by Jamorama and JamPlay.First of I will give a short intro about JamPlay and Jamorama. Jamorama is the... Read >
Author: Jeffrey Cotton

Learn and Master Bass Guitar Review: Has Legacy Learning Pulled Off Another Winner?

23rd April 2010
The Learn and Master Bass Guitar Lesson DVDs are the most recent attempt by the folks at Learning Legacy Systems to produce yet another award winning guitar course. This all-video instructional program is designed to utilize a world-class bassist to teach... Read >
Author: jmackinnon

Adding Chords to a Melody

01st February 2007
In this article, I want to take a solo melody and show how to apply chords to harmonize it. Don't forget to click the links for each step so that you can see exactly what I'm describing. The principles that I describe are outlined in three of my books:"Th... Read >
Author: Gary Ewer

Brief Guide to EMO Fashion

02nd May 2006
Brief Guide to EMO Fashion Emo Music Emotional punk music evolved out of the punk movement spreading throughout the United States in the 1990s. The same "shun authority& approach applies to both emo and traditional punk music, and both share the... Read >
Author: Nick Salicini
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