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File Handling In C++ Language

21st September 2011
File Handling In this section, we will discuss about files which are very important for large-scale data processing. Data are stored in data files and programs are stored in program files. A file is simply a machine decipherable storage media where prog... Read >
Author: Pankaj

American Audio VX-2500 amplifier options mode

17th May 2011
General: American Audio succeed every time but yet again to surprise us. This period the amplifier's rotate, American Audio has managed to obtain an amplifier to make built-in programs, filters and modes possess all electronically controlled. This is rea... Read >
Author: jonryswroo

Torque Converter and Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting

18th August 2010
A torque converter does the job of the clutch in a vehicle with manual transmission. It transfers the rotating power generated by a vehicle's engine to the transmission mechanism in order for it to shift gears automatically. There are three major torque c... Read >
Author: businesslocallistings2

Radio Frequency Amplifiers

01st July 2007
There are many similarities between radio frequency amplifiers and audio frequency amplifiers, but there are also many differences. Radio frequency amplifiers perform the same amplifying functions at radio frequencies as do audio frequency amplifiers at a... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

Combinational Circuit Design

25th May 2007
Combinational Circuit: Logic circuits for digital systems may be combinational or sequential. A combinational circuit consists of logic gates whose outputs at any time are determined by combining the values of the applied inputs using logic operations. A... Read >
Author: ariese
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