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How To Properly Take On Chimney Breast Removal Work

25th July 2011
The United Kingdom is commendable for its strict regulations in construction and renovation of infrastructure. With the safety of its citizens in mind, your local building officer will never be lenient with how you construct a new structure or renovate an... Read >
Author: Gen Wright

Hot Tub Flooring and Foundation Options

04th May 2011
Before installing a hot tub, the first consideration is proper placement and adequate flooring. Typically, hot tubs are situated outdoors either above ground on a deck, patio, or concrete slab, or built into the ground. Hot tub materials range from concre... Read >
Author: Art Jones

A Bungalow Loft Conversion - Making It Work For You

24th December 2010
In the current economic climate, it isn't the best time to be thinking about moving house, if for whatever reason you would like more space. One possible answer to avoid this is to consider extending your present property. Initially a bungalow can ... Read >
Author: Robert Deans

Basics of Structural Steel Beam-Column Connections

19th October 2010
Steel construction has significant benefits over its counterparts like wood and concrete construction such as excellent strength to weight ratio, fire resistance, ease of installation and cost-effective maintenance. With these benefits, though, come some ... Read >
Author: Outsourcingsteel

Rebar Detailing process and Bar Bending schedule specifications

17th August 2010
Rebar detailing is the process of producing sorted, weighed and accumulated bar lists and labels as per the reinforcement specifications. It involves graphical representation of bar placing and analysis of varying bars with bending schedules and dimension... Read >
Author: Richard Bose

Garage Buiding Plans - Tips for Choosing the Right Foundation

24th June 2010
When building any structure, whether it is a house, garage, shed, or carport, having a solid foundation from which to build is a top priority and essential for a stable structure Selecting the type of foundation for your storage building should be ... Read >
Author: Wes

Benefits of Using CAD Software for Building Construction – A Review

22nd March 2010
Historically, every large engineering and construction company relied on a drafting table used by a professional drafter. It was necessary for producing needed blueprints, elevation drawings and high quality visual renderings for prospect customers. Draft... Read >
Author: Richard Bose

Duties of Rebar Detailer and Rebar Detailing Placement Drawings

20th November 2009
In the rapidly growing of steel construction industry, it is essential for any building contractor or structural engineer to know basic function of rebar placing drawings, duties of a rebar detailers, method of producing placing drawings and responsibilit... Read >
Author: Mike Thomas
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