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Montessori Maths At Home

21st February 2012
One thing that the sensory materials originally developed by Maria Montessori for use in early childhood learning were for was to teach basic mathematical concepts such as length, width, height, weight and the like. A child using these materials looks as... Read >
Author: Rick Rakauskas

Reasons Why People Go To Malls

15th February 2011
Shopping malls are popular establishments these days. In fact, shopping malls greatly contribute to a city’s trade and tourism, which is why these establishments are continuously developed. Wherever these malls are located, everyone knows that malls are c... Read >
Author: Larissa Dobbin

The Cuckoo Clock - From Past to Present

19th January 2011
Whether it's on the wall of your Grandparents home, shown in toy stores in cartoons, or at your local clock shop, the look and sound of the cuckoo clock is recognized throughout the world. Through legend and lore, fact and fiction, there is still speculat... Read >
Author: Steve M

Children's Telescope Advice

18th August 2009
Need children's telescope advice? Buying a children's telescope is a bit different than buying one for an adult. Children's telescopes need to accommodate the child, and allow them to get something valuable out of astronomy.In this article, you will disco... Read >
Author: Kozan Huseyin
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