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Is Technical Analysis Better than Fundamental Analysis?

12th February 2013
With the growing market of web-based brokers and the large amount of people trading stocks from home, I am quite disappointed by the current obscurity of technical analysis. Obviously there is a technical analysis circle in existence, but it pales when co... Read >
Author: wthorton

Changing a Tap Washer

16th August 2010
Over time your bathroom or kitchen taps begins to leak. This is not a big issue. The most possible chance for this leak is that the washer has worn out. Water dripping from taps is certainly not acceptable; it also wastes a lot of water. It requires immed... Read >
Author: Tauqeer Ul Hassan

Factors to consider when constructing an asset allocation portfolio

17th March 2010
Asset allocation is an excellent way to build long term wealth from a highly diversified portfolio, and allows you to seek risk and return objectives at a reasonable cost. To use this diversification approach, it's beneficial to decide how to structure yo... Read >
Author: Samuel Pittman
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