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18th January 2011
The solid mineral industry in Nigeria has great potential based on the geological survey and proven reserve of different mineral that have been discovered in the country. Tin Ore has been mined since colonial times and is one of the most versatile meta... Read >
Author: ikedike2002

Reasons to choose Granite as your essential building material

13th January 2010
Have you become bored with your old designed house? Do you want to renovate your house in the modern way and add distinct appeal to it? Consider Granite stones as the primary elements. You must know that among all the building materials currently availabl... Read >
Author: Antony Thomsan

Know About The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Granite Countertops

11th July 2009
Refurbishing kitchen with countertops is a fad these days. Not only they are affordable, but they greatly enhance the kitchen. No wonder that granite are the ones favored to do this honor. You will agree that kitchens always grab one's attention wherever ... Read >
Author: yanita

How Much Does Granite Countertops Cost

11th July 2009
The cost of granite countertops depends on its extraction process. Quarrying of granites takes place in several countries like Africa, Brazil, and Maine. The cost for the countertops shoots the sky because of the amount of labor involved. The extraction o... Read >
Author: yanita

Athabasca Basin Geology: World's Richest Uranium Deposit

08th June 2006
Dr. Boen Tan and Rick Mazur of Forum Development (TSX: FDC) helped explain the geology of the uranium deposits in Canada's Athabasca Basin. They told us: Unconformity-type uranium deposits are among the richest and largest in comparison to other uraniu... Read >
Author: James Finch
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