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Gold Coins - How To Test Authentic Gold Coins

28th December 2011
Do you know why pirates have ugly teeth? Some say that it is because of their unsanitary habits and unhealthy dietary intake. While some say the it is because of merely greed that they have ugly and broken teeth. Pirates have been shown to be as vicious g... Read >
Author: Clivir Team

First Strike Silver Eagle: Are PCGS First Strike Coins Worth The Cost?

03rd April 2011
Early on when American Silver Eagle coins are struck, those that were done within the first 30 days become the First Strike Silver Eagle coins. They have crisper lines and more distinct markings, and they usually are graded more highly by third-party grad... Read >
Author: Christina Goldman

Australian Coins Value

30th December 2009
How to Value Your Australian Coin Collection Accurately and All By Yourself? If you've got some Australian coins or notes, and are looking to find out what they're worth, I suggest that you read this. There are four variables that affect the value of a ... Read >
Author: Wayne Giese

Be familiar with one of these rare 20p coins

21st October 2009
A newly free batch of 20p coin has a fault on them which could make them significance £50 each. The special coins were inadvertently publicized without a date on them after a mix-up in a recent redesign, which makes them priceless to coin collectors. The... Read >
Author: luis m

50 Ways To Make Money And Have Fun Creating Audio Books

16th October 2009
Creating audiobooks is easy and fun. You can create your own profitable business with nothing more than a microphone, a computer and free software from the internet. The possibilities are endless. I have at least four or five ideas daily. Just about anyon... Read >
Author: Douglas Robinson

Finding Historic Old Rare Chinese Silver Coins

12th May 2009
For coin collectors all around the globe, one of the most extraordinary reveals that may ever be obtained in the market today are old rare Chinese silver coins. For one thing, you don't usually find rare Chinese coins from different dynasties in the local... Read >
Author: Christina Goldman

Rare Coin Valuation And Price Guides

26th March 2008
Coin Price Guides are useful among collectors. In brief, coins are tiny disk shaped metal pieces of currency. Coins come in various categories that are valued as per their face value, currency coins come with an amount printed on them and the printed amou... Read >
Author: Carol King
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