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Autism and Aggressive Behavior - Intervention Strategies for Physical Aggression

09th February 2012
When a child engages in physical aggression, an immediate response is required, especially if the target of the aggression is a person. A lack of preparedness can result in a spontaneous reaction that may exacerbate the aggressive episode. The following ... Read >
Author: Kathy

7 Negative Emotions That Can Ruin Your Life

14th November 2011
There are seven destructive emotions. If they are so destructive why would you want to read about it. That is because you have to know them first and how they affect your life, so you can eliminate them. These emotions are: Fear, Jealousy, Revenge, Greed,... Read >
Author: Andrej Urek

Electromagnetic Mouthguard History

29th December 2009
Electromagnetic Mouthguard History Sports mouthguards, or mouthpieces, have been in existance for almost 120 years since a London dentist called Woolf Krause created one in 1890 to protect boxers from mouth cuts. Called gum shields, they were made from... Read >
Author: alphawolfmarketing
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