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Tips for Disney Channel Auditions

21st March 2011
The Disney channel is a brand that broadcasts worldwide. For this reason, it is internationally recognized. Once you start off with a career with Disney, chances are you will be a household name internationally! This makes the competition absolutely fierc... Read >
Author: Richard Landy

Do Your Relationships Depend On Each Other?

06th May 2010
based on enjoying each other's company. Co-dependent people may even feel anxious if someone they have been helping gets their life in order and no longer wants their help. The co-dependent person may immediately look around for someone else they can ... Read >
Author: Darren Neal

Georgia Visitation Rights

18th September 2009
When parents divorce, in most cases one of the parents is given custody and the other parent is given visitation rights. The visitation schedule can vary according to each parent's needs. A standard visitation agreement allows the non-custodial parent to ... Read >
Author: Michael Waddington

The Truth About Urban Fiction

11th May 2008
The Truth about Urban Fiction Dr. Maxine Thompson http://www.maxinethompson.com http://www.maxineshow.com When I first edited urban fiction, like most new endeavors, I stumbled into it. But as a former social worker, I've always found it interesti... Read >
Author: safari61751
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