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Visiting Chennai and Nearby Places

06th August 2012
A Chennai trip may not turn out to be an experience of a lifetime. However, with its fine sightseeing attractions, this seaside destination does ensure a pretty decent vacation. Furthermore, with nearby interesting tourist spots such as Kanchipuram and Ti... Read >
Author: Ravinder Malik

Relaxing on Bermuda's Beaches

02nd September 2010
If you are thinking about a quick getaway to sandy beaches and clear blue skies, then think Bermuda. Located only two hours away from the US east coast, Bermuda is only a quick hop and within two short hours, you can be lying on one of Bermuda’s lovely be... Read >
Author: descurge

Colombia, a vacation Paradise

14th October 2009
If you follow the evening news regularly, you may be forgiven for thinking that Colombia is a land fit for shady characters and dangerous living. Why, at one time, Medelin was even called the Murder Capital of the World. But, much to the surprise and wond... Read >
Author: Sergio Mcindoe

Why Visit North Carolina?

12th October 2009
North Carolina is a state in the southeastern portion of the United States of America, on the Atlantic Seaboard. To the south of North Carolina lie South Carolina and Georgia, to the West Tennessee, and to the north Virginia. With a total land area of one... Read >
Author: Adam Anders

Looking for a new, undiscovered European beach destination?

03rd December 2008
The world is definitely getting smaller, and it is getting harder and harder to find a sun-soaked European summer holiday destination that hasn't become Britain-on-Sea, with union jack short sporting neighbours and 'Full English' breakfast bars and 'Tradi... Read >
Author: holrent
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