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Choosing the Ultimate Grand Canyon Bus Tours

01st November 2012
By looking at travel brochures for the Las Vegas area, you'll discover there are some pretty fun Grand Canyon bus excursions you can take. Most of the bus tours offer complete packages that provide all your needs during the trip. Be leery of buying a tour... Read >
Author: justinemoriarity

Grand Canyon Airplane Tours That Are Amazing

29th October 2012
One of the most popular national parks in the United States is the Grand Canyon and it is an ideal destination for a family vacation. It would be a blast to go on an airplane tour of the Grand Canyon instead of just seeing it by car. These air tours are s... Read >
Author: justinemoriarity

The Hoover Dam: an important cultural landmark

17th October 2006
Herbert Hoover has the sad misfortune of being remembered as the President in office at the time of the Wall Street Crash, and the ensuing onset of the Great Depression. However, he has achieved a lasting legacy in the Hoover Dam; also known as the Boulde... Read >
Author: Richard Green
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