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New Features Of Latest Magento Enterprise Release

26th March 2012
Magento is a mind-blowing e-Commerce solution that has everything to help you establish an extraordinary online store. With this powerful platform you can have total control over your shopping cart website. Magento has developed extensively in just 4 year... Read >
Author: Alfred Winston

The Full Story About foreclosure process in Alberta

15th November 2009
In today's dreadful economic and financial crisis, it is a last nail in the coffin to have your property foreclosed. Yet, this is occurring on a day-to-day basis not only to non-public homeowners but even companies of all sizes and styles all around the w... Read >
Author: Dean Golden

Proper time and attendance management for efficient workforce planning

16th July 2009
A proper workforce planning schedule ensures that the organization has access to a workforce that has the desired skills and competencies needed for its future growth. This process involves planning for the future while keeping in mind the goal and object... Read >
Author: Pooja Rai

New Online Scheduling Software TotalView WebStation

07th March 2008
The TotalView WebStation programmes is developed by IEX Corporation, a sub-division of NICE Systems Ltd. The programme has been designed to give call centre agents and supervisors access to work schedules and work targets through their own web browsers.... Read >
Author: Remy

Beach Wedding Invitations - 5 Musts for Wording

28th June 2006
Destination weddings to Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Maui, Jamaica and more are becoming more and more popular as destination wedding planning online has become easier and easier. The beach is the most popular destination wedding theme these d... Read >
Author: Renae Judkins
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