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Advantages and disadvantages of medical billing certificate

11th August 2010
Medical billing certificate is always in high demand because it is related to health care. Almost several thousand people around the world are seeking for doctor's assistance in order to maintain their body condition. In such cases, medical billing plays ... Read >
Author: Sturat Michael M

Diagnosis Coding: Ways to Decode Your Doctor’s Notes

01st July 2010
If the doctor doesn't circle a diagnosis, the onus may be on you to find one. Do not let an unfinished superbill ruin your chances of submitting a spot-on claim. If the doctor in your office fails to point out to the ICD-9 code for the condition he tend... Read >
Author: Nancy

Watch Out For These Endoscopy Bundles

19th June 2010
Code 31575 covers 92511 and 31231 except under these conditions Singling out the right endoscopy code when your otolaryngologist tests multiple areas in the sinuses and throat is not always an easy bet; however in most cases it is very important to sett... Read >
Author: Nancy

Urology Coding Conference : Boost Your +51798 Coding

15th June 2010
This year's CPT codes have wreaked havoc on your urodynamics codes. And if you are confused about reporting 51797 in particular, you not alone. In fact, if you know what to report with +51797, you can save yourself $138 per claim. Here are some FAQs that ... Read >
Author: Julia Rose

Mind your P modifiers or lose your reimbursement opportunities

08th June 2010
Mind your P modifiers or lose your reimbursement opportunities Be prepared with your documentation for reporting level P4 and higher. Physical status modifiers, also called P modifiers, ASAs or ASA P codes, are a vital element of your anesthesia codin... Read >
Author: Nancy

The Importance Of Medical Coding To Health Care

09th April 2010
The field of medical services and health care is very vast. Due to the number of procedures and services that are associated to it, the task load for medical services specifically medical coding has increased. In most countries, medical expenses for surgi... Read >
Author: Gen Wright
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