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Technology Can Help Chiropractors Say Good-Bye to Handwritten SOAP Notes

06th January 2012
Dr. David Bohn, DC maker of QuickSOAP Notes for Chiropractic, gets many phone calls every week from fellow Chiropractor's who persist on writing handwritten chiropractic forms or old, obsolete computer system technology. Why do they continue down this pat... Read >
Author: Mr. K

Mozsqlite.dll error Fix- Best solutions to fix Mozsqlite.dll error effectively!

13th June 2011
Among those common computer errors, Mozsqlite.dll error is one that PC users will face with. This Mozsqlite.dll error happens always when there is conflict in the operating system paths. Especially while trying to open some of your files, or application... Read >
Author: Daisy W

Call Center Interview Questions And How To Tackle Them

09th May 2011
If a company has a large number of customers, but doesn't have the capability to handle calls from those customers, they might contract a call center. These firms help with airline reservations, directory assistance, computer technical help, and other imp... Read >
Author: PMane

How to Fix Runtime Error 104 instantly

31st August 2010
Ever wished that you could run away from pesky runtime error 104? The best solution is not to run away from problems but to face them head on and defeat them, discarding them into the digital abyss, where they will hopefully stay, never to be heard from a... Read >
Author: Tocolue

Review of My Data Team Global Data Entry

07th June 2010
Is today's economy making you feel uneasy? Would you like to work solely from home? We have all felt that way one time or another and with the global economic state more are feeling the pinch now than ever before. I don't have to worry about money and I a... Read >
Author: btmaker4ever

A Career as an Accounts Assistant or Accounting Technician (AAT)-Justaccountancyjobs.com

11th March 2010
As an accounting technician, it would be your job to keep accurate financial accounts for all types of business, and to assist qualified accountants. In larger companies, you would usually work as part of an accounts team. In a small business, you may ... Read >
Author: Justaccountancyjobs

Brain Games for Seniors

27th January 2010
It's important for seniors to invest in mental fitness. Playing brain games can help seniors stay mentally sharp and on top of their game; it can even help ward off dementia. There are several programs that can help people remember more and focus better. ... Read >
Author: Susan R. Love

Understanding SCSI

09th September 2005
Understanding SCSI Tamara M.Harahsheh SCSI,IDE,EIDE all describes the interface between the disk and the computer. The following is a brief description of SCSI. Almost everyone with computer experience has heard of SCSI ,this describe a standard ... Read >
Author: Tamara M.Harahsheh
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