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Does PRINCE2® Training Increase My Income?

14th February 2012
Project management qualifications such as PRINCE2, PMP and APMP have risen greatly over the past 10 years. A great many project management employment advertisements specifically look for one or more of the above qualifying criteria. This review explores... Read >
Author: MattocG

Can PRINCE2® Training Elevate My Wages?

14th February 2012
Project management certifications such as PRINCE2, PMP and APMP have risen vastly over the last decade. Quite a few project management job advertisements in particular expect a minimum of one of such qualifying measures. This article examines if perhaps... Read >
Author: MattocG

Is PMP Certification becoming more or less valuable?

20th December 2011
The Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the leader and the most widely recognized organization in promoting the best practices in project management. It was founded in 1969 and started offering the Project Management Professional® (PMP®) exam and Certi... Read >
Author: Dr. Joseline Edward, PhD.

Top 10 Highest Paying Certifications in the IT Industry

01st June 2011
According to recent salary surveys by ZDNET's Tech Republic organization, the following are the highest paying certifications to have in the technology industry. Following each certification is the average annual salary being paid to individual responder... Read >
Author: certseasy

How do I maintain my PMP certification?

23rd November 2010
How do I maintain my PMP certification? Did you know that all certified PMPs and PgMPs must earn 60 Professional Development Units every 3 years to maintain their certification with the Project Management Institute? The Project Management Institute has Re... Read >
Author: Michael Bloch

The Soft Skills Required To Be a Great Project Manager

05th July 2010
The Soft Skills are so important to the success of a project that Soft Skills are the first thing I look for in a Project Manager. I know that a huge majority of those hiring project managers look at the Hard Skills first. Specifically, they require that ... Read >
Author: Richard Morreale

Overview of PMI PMP Certification exam Process

26th November 2009
Table of Contents Topic What is PMI? Overview & Timeline of PMP Certification exam Process PMP Eligibility Requirements How to calculate your project management experience? Number of Hours that You Led or Directed Project Tasks Contact Hours of P... Read >
Author: seema

PMPĀ® Certification India

12th May 2009
The Project Management Institute (PMIĀ®) is the world's leading association for the project management profession. It administers a globally recognized, rigorous, education, professional experience and examination-based professional credentialing program ... Read >
Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti

Get the best PMP certification Training

27th October 2008
What is PMP certification and why get it? PMP stands for Project Management Professional. PMP certification is offered by PMI (Project Management Institute) and those that obtain this certification demonstrate a proficient level of project management lea... Read >
Author: Richel Fox

Earning a PMP Certification - It Mattersā€¦

26th September 2008
There is much debate about the necessity and the demand for a PMPĀ® Certification offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). Indeed, there are unstable beliefs on the importance of possessing a PMPĀ® certification on your resume. It might be very o... Read >
Author: Nitesh Ranjan Bharti
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