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Top 5 Most Poisonous Plants for Dogs

19th July 2010
The ASPCA has listed five poison plants as the deadliest for dogs we discuss of of these in detail here: Lilies The beautiful Lily comes in multitudes of varieties, all are deadly to your dog. All parts of the lily are highly toxic. Not only is th... Read >
Author: Enocebox

How to Get Rid of Blanket Weed

30th April 2010
If you leave the pond for about a week or months, you will possibly run in distress as the water turns green and becomes swarmed with carpet-like plants known as blanket weeds. This alga appears on the pond lining, pump, or tube, and even in running water... Read >
Author: laradavidson

Water Feature Plants: How To Choose Plants For Your Outdoor Water Features

28th October 2009
One of the most interesting functionalities of a water feature is laying out a haven for plants. What if you transform a part of your long and wide patio into a beautiful pond or lagoon? That would be an exciting way to widen your planting enthusiasm with... Read >
Author: Amy C

Natural filtration systems

31st January 2009
Cleaning the pond regularly is essential for the healthy growth of the local pond ecosystem in your garden. The pond in your garden is a representative of a very complex habitat and the small and big creatures living there need a fresh and clean environme... Read >
Author: Travis Booth

Know Your Birth Month Flowers

07th January 2009
Birth month flowers are those flowers that over the centuries have come to represent certain months. Unlike birth stones which are simply single, colored gemstones that correspond to the different months, flowers for one's birth month can actually be more... Read >
Author: C.L. Hendricks

The Unexplored and Unseen Side of Goa

10th November 2008
Goa, a beautiful Indian state with palm fringed lovely beaches, turquoise seas, colourful carnivals, cruises and delightful, friendly locals, is one of world's most irresistible travel destinations. Goa is mostly known for its party places, old churches,... Read >
Author: Elizabeth Wills

Landscaping Ideas: Creating A Backyard Wetland

19th January 2006
A miniature wetland on your property can offer similar benefits that natural wetlands offer. A mini-wetland can even help replace the valuable natural functions of wetlands that may have been lost during your area's development. What is a wetland? Simp... Read >
Author: Lynne Doxley
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