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Guide to Car Insurance & Tax-Free Entitlement for UK Diplomats

04th May 2011
As a diplomat here in the UK, you can enjoy a range of benefits and tax-free allowances when it comes to buying a car. The following guide will outline what these vehicle allowances for diplomat sales are, and explain the ins and outs of international ... Read >
Author: Admin123

Being Ticketed at a Broken Parking Meter

11th June 2010
It is totally understandable if you have pulled more than for speeding and receive a traffic ticket, or should you run a stop sign and obtain a stop sign ticket. And also you realize that you are at fault if you obtain caught running a red light or genera... Read >
Author: Ronny Potter

How To Spot A Cloned Car

18th June 2008
Whenever you buy a used car in the UK you should always be aware that the car you are buying could be an illegal clone. A cloned car is a stolen car that has had its identity changed to match that of a car that is pretty much the same. A car is stolen,... Read >
Author: viddy55
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