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Construction industry gets a new dimension with 3D rendering

14th March 2012
The blooming construction industry holds bushels of opportunities for sectors like aviation, ports, railways, and infrastructure and focuses on ensuring that huge and complex projects are successfully completed within the constraints of the finest quality... Read >
Author: Kimberly C. Smith

Learn About Greenhouse Plastic And The Benefits

05th January 2009
Greenhouse plastic is mainly responsible for maintaining a hothouse effect within a greenhouse. Greenhouse plastic creates a warm and suitable growing environment that allows various types of plants to cultivate beautifully. It creates an enclosure that p... Read >
Author: Jimmy Spier

How to Manage a Project

03rd August 2006
How to Manage a Project By Samuel Lartey, Project Manager. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. Project management is a specialized management technique to... Read >
Author: Samuel Lartey
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