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Chut ethnic group

09th February 2012
Lables: Chut ethnic group, Ethnic Groups, Viet-Muong Group Proper name: Chut. Other names: Rue, Arem and Sach. Local groups: May, Rue, Sach, Arem and Ma Lieng. Population: 2427 people. Language: Chut language belongs to the Viet-Muong group (of the A... Read >
Author: vietnamheritagetravel

The Miracle Of AZOMITEĀ®

20th April 2010
AZOMITEĀ® is a wonderful trace mineral supplement for crops and animals. It is mined in central Utah and comes from volcanic dust turned to rock. It is pinkish in color and was assayed by Dr. Charles Head, ranking scientific expert at the U.S. Bureau of M... Read >
Author: Lee Orton

Foliar Fertilizer in Malaysia

12th February 2010
Agriculture in Malaysia Malaysia agriculture is currently undergoing a revival and shifting from its original position as a pillar of the nation's economy to its future strategic role as a provider of food and raw materials for agro-based industries. The... Read >
Author: Chan

An Ethical Investment - Jatropha Green Oil Investment - Presented In London Seminars.

14th September 2009
Here is an investment that not only protects you against the future but is also moral. Jatropha Green Oil Investment from Colchester in the UK has a speciality to provide to their clients an investment which has rare benefits related to folks and the envi... Read >
Author: Patricia Ellis

Dealing With Slugs, Snails, And Vine Weevil In Your Garden

27th April 2009
Slugs and Snails are an absolute menace in the garden. Not only do they gorge themselves on our plants, they leave behind the most disgusting, slimy trail. On food crops, once they have slithered their way over the plants, greatly reduces our enthusiasm t... Read >
Author: Juliet Sadler

Varieties of rice

18th November 2008
Rice is one of the most widely consumed food crops of the world. This cereal foodstuff provides nourishment to over half of the world's population. In fact, this staple food provides more than one fifth of the calories consumed worldwide by humans. India ... Read >
Author: Iqbal
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