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rayban-2132-wayfarer 13 - Somethings Never Go Out of Style.....Ever!

25th May 2011
The result is a fashionable look that still oozes throw-back design. Colour options abound whether youre interested in classic or perhaps funky, and the crystal-clear optics provide a visual experience that is remarkably Ray-Ban.It does not matter what ti... Read >
Author: Sam Castillo

How to integrate own template in magento

10th August 2010
A theme is any combination of layout, template and/or skin file(s) that create the visual experience of your store. Magento is built with the capacity to load multiple themes at once, and therefore distinguishes themes into two types:     Ecommerce ... Read >
Author: Manali

Becoming a more effective history teacher using PowerPoint

11th June 2010
For history teachers tired of seeing blank, even bored, faces in their classrooms, PowerPoint might just be the solution. It offers a clear, concise slideshow format that is more modern than the whiteboard and more attractive than the overhead projector f... Read >
Author: Peters Publishing
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