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Southern Hemisphere Stargazing

10th February 2011
There are so many excellent reasons to travel below the equator, and here’s one more: the night’s sky. You might be thinking that you can stargaze anywhere. Yet the sky down under is a completely different wonder, full of gems you may not have realized ex... Read >
Author: Latamforless

Perpetual Motion Machine Furnishes Many Rewards

09th August 2010
Using magnetic forces for producing electricity might seem bizarre. Lots of individuals tend to be acquainted with utilizing a magnet to stick an item on his or her fridge. Although, those machines globally have been constructed employing magnetic forces ... Read >
Author: Lori

Overunity Magnet Motor Plans And Also The Explanation Involving Over Unity

09th June 2010
Building any over unity device employing overunity magnet motor plans. Over unity may be a key phrase for every unit that can produce more electrical power than it uses. The electricity output of the machine is higher than virtually any electricity input ... Read >
Author: kevipr0dpe
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