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What All You Need to Know about Refurbished Cisco Routers?

30th May 2012
The networking infrastructure of the businesses depends upon the hardware used. Routers are one of the major devices present in the networking hardware of any business organization. Buying new routers can fuel up the business expenses. However, it is advi... Read >
Author: Chad Mize

Useful Tips for Buying Refurbished Cisco Equipment

28th March 2012
Refurbished Cisco equipment can match the quality of the new one. You just need to establish that the supplier you are buying your apparatus from is someone you can rely on. Read on the article to find out how you can procure top-notch used equipment. ... Read >
Author: Chad Mize

650-195 SMBEN

09th March 2011
IT Certification and Career Paths 650-195 SMBEN Cisco 650-195 Exam Description The 650-195 SMBEN SMB Engineer exam is the exam associated with the Small Business Engineer job role. Candidates can prepare for this Cisco Certification exam by taking the ... Read >
Author: michelletang

Cisco CCIE Basic Information

06th October 2008
Basic Information For computer professionals who wish to demonstrate internetworking expertise. The top-of-the-line certification CCIE is for individuals who work specifically with Cisco products. It is currently one of the premiere IT certifications. ... Read >
Author: xena
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