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How to wear wayfarer sunglasses

20th June 2011
Wayfarer sunglasses arrived in the mid 1950s when RayBan introduced them to the market. They caught on instantly what with popular celebrities like Audrey Hepburn sporting them regularly. In fact, at one time, wayfarers were the uncrowned ‘kings of sungla... Read >
Author: Melville Jackson

Damp Proofing: Get rid of Rising damp

18th October 2010
Now day’s cellars are used as storage room and more as places for leisure or as additional cantonment for accommodation and domestic purposes. Thereupon the great comfort and a better private climate in the cellar area are required. It is very individuali... Read >
Author: Venus Pareek

What Effects do Male Pheromones Have on Women?

24th July 2008
What Effects do Male Pheromones Have on Women? You might never guess from all the hype and hoopla about male pheromones that investigating how they affect women's hormone levels is a very recent research activity. The effect of pheromones on physiolog... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer
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