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About Singapore Permanent Residency

27th September 2011
Am I eligible to apply for a permanent residence status in Singapore? This page will help you answer this question because we will provide necessary information related to the application for Permanent Residence. Who are eligible?• Spouse and unmarri... Read >
Author: Shayne

Indonesian Maid Agency - A Way to Consider Them

09th December 2010
Using the anxiety that comes from operating, going to college, taking care of youngsters and the elderly, as well as other household chores, acquiring a maid to help out is only useful. But you can not just get any maid--you need to rent 1 from a proper a... Read >
Author: BobJonshon

Exploring mid career switch and Upgrading your skills through professional conversion programmes

14th September 2009
In the present economic crisis there are many people who have lost their jobs and many more in search of a better career. There have been several adverse effects of the economic crisis in the job sector. This phenomenon has been felt highly by the people ... Read >
Author: Rahul Rungta
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