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Businesses Look Forward to Agile Testing

08th November 2012
As a tester one of the first questions you would need to ask is “how agile is this project?”Agile development recognizes that testing is not a separate phase, but an integral part of software development, along with coding. Agile teams use a "whole-team... Read >
Author: RajatMP

Offshore outsourcing services: The Trends for 2012 and Beyond

29th August 2012
Software outsourcing has become a lasting trend in the IT industry from some years now. With 2012, the trends have changed a bit and the mobile world is buzzing with activity now. The most resourceful software development companies have always known to... Read >
Author: Elan Technology

Why Everyone Is Looking For Offshore Software Development Services

17th October 2011
Custom software development has become a necessity these days. Ready made solutions do not exactly cater to a business or individual's specific needs. Thus, every business or individual is looking to develop a custom solution today. And to develop a custo... Read >
Author: Christa Hooks

7 Step SDLC Process for Custom Application Development

11th November 2010
We are used to follow predefined processes to ensure that whatever we do is perfect in all aspects and benefits us immensely. custom application development a highly competitive field is also not free from a predefined process which ensures that the softw... Read >
Author: Marnie Pehrson

How important is Software Quality Assurance?

15th August 2010
With the advancement and development of new product and services, a major process, which needs to be systematic scrutinize is the quality assurance aspects. In the world of competitive business market, a company has to make sure that the user or clients a... Read >
Author: GTL TestLabs

Advantages and Disadvantages of intranet portal

15th June 2010
An intranet portal is a tool, which unifies the access of data in an organization. It helps a company to manage its data and information very easily and you can have a personalized view of entire company information within a short time. This tool also use... Read >
Author: Vyom

A1technology Blending Expertise and Software Outsourcing Services.

23rd December 2009
A1 Technology is a New York based software solutions provider with an all-encompassing experience in building applications. A1 Technology is an ISO 9001- 2000 certified company Headquartered in New York A1 Technology's other U.S locations comprehend Flori... Read >
Author: webmaster

Pros and Cons of Distributed Databases

01st June 2009
In computer software technology, a distributed database is a database spread across a network of computers that are geographically distributed and can be communicated through communications links. It is under the control of a centralized DBMS and may also... Read >
Author: Arun Kumar

Understanding DCL: Data Control Language

18th May 2009
A Data Control Language or DCL is a part Structured Query Language (SQL) used to control the access to data in a database. For any in-house or outsource software development process, Data Control Language plays the critical role of setting authorization m... Read >
Author: Arun Kumar

Importance of Unicode and ASCII Coded Character Sets in the Computing Industry

11th May 2009
Coded character set, also known as character set refers to a group or set of characters used by an encoding system. It refers to the mapping from a group of integers to a group of characters. The mapping is generally bijective (i.e. 1:1). There are many s... Read >
Author: Arun Kumar

Great Plains Add Ons, Custom Software: GP AutoApply Cash Receipts

29th July 2008
Dynamics GP AutoApply: This unique GP add-on applies batches of cash receipts to invoices. It helps GP users to automate the Receivables process and have you automatically apply cash receipts or credit memos to the invoices. This process will save... Read >
Author: Robert Palmer

Custom software development and web development company in India

10th April 2008
Custom software Development and web Development Company and India has become synonymous to each other. Though there are other countries in the world like China, Malaysia, Czech Republic and many more but India reserves the top slot in the forbes list of ... Read >
Author: Mahendra Sharma
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