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Choosing the Ultimate Grand Canyon Bus Tours

01st November 2012
By looking at travel brochures for the Las Vegas area, you'll discover there are some pretty fun Grand Canyon bus excursions you can take. Most of the bus tours offer complete packages that provide all your needs during the trip. Be leery of buying a tour... Read >
Author: justinemoriarity


23rd May 2011
THE WATERFALLS IN NIDRI The waterfalls in Nidri is one of the most impressive sights in Lefkada. To visit the waterfalls follow the yellow signs, about 4 km away from Nidri. At the beggining of the path that leads to waterfalls, you can find a cafeteri... Read >
Author: Lefkada

The Hilton Head Blue Lady - Paranormal Activity On Hilton Head Island

10th December 2009
The spirit of the Hilton Head Blue Lady roams the Island in a Victorian era blue dress -- a recurring example of paranormal activity on the Island. In 1898, a young woman named Caroline lost her life to a hurricane off the east coast. The Hilton Head ... Read >
Author: Dennis Woods
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