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Significance Of Bricks In UK Building Industry

08th April 2011
Considered as a sustainable and durable construction material, bricks have been popular in the UK for centuries. This versatile material has always enjoyed a pride of place in the UK building industry, thanks to its superior load-bearing properties, high ... Read >
Author: Mathew Schmidt

Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

29th April 2010
What would a birthday party be without the scrumptious birthday cake? After all, it's the magical birthday cake which takes pride of place on your celebration table, pretty candles all-aglow, just waiting for the birthday girl or boy to blow them out and ... Read >
Author: Hilary

Wagner Carpet Rare Exhibit in Glasgow

02nd February 2010
To celebrate the arrival of spring and Nowruz - the Persian New Year festivities - the Burrell Collection will be displaying for a few days its prized but rarely seen Persian carpet, better known as the Wagner Garden Carpet. From the 27th March - 11th ... Read >
Author: Little-Persia

Swami Ramdev Ji and His Divya Medicines

30th August 2009
Swami Ramdev Ji and His Divya Medicines If anyone is wondering if such a person exists, "the virtuous golden wonder from India", His godliness Swami Ramdev who has transformed India to wake up to a healthy tomorrow, is the answer! Swami Ramdev was init... Read >
Author: herbalcure30
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