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MCSE 70-270 free study notes

06th August 2010
Since we posted MCSE 70-270 Exam TechNotes(1) about installing XP Professional,it has been a long time .However ,on that post ,we did not list or post all of the explanation to the topic areas for this exam .When you read through that post , you still can... Read >
Author: JKDKJ

Repair Removable Disk

05th January 2010
Repair removable disk program Download safe removal media data revival software Wednesday, 30 December, 2009: Removable media data rescue utility recovers all digital files saved in different formats including gif, midi, jpeg, txt, wav, bmp, mpeg, tiff... Read >
Author: Free data recovery

‘1962: No operating system found’ Windows Error and Recovery

09th July 2009
When you start a system, BIOS (Basic Input Output System) recognizes, tests and initializes all the connected hardware including hard disk. It ensures that system should reach to a stage so that operating system can be loaded. If you find system not start... Read >
Author: k madhav

Hard Disk Drives and Their Types

11th October 2007
The latter are removable media that are tailor-made for transporting data from one machine to another. Hard drives on the other hand are the primary storage used by the processor to access and process data.Hard drives store data on platters which have a m... Read >
Author: James Walsh
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