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Conflicts of Interest in Non profit Organizations

02nd June 2010
When the IRS examines a 501c3 application, one of the major issues they are looking for is any potential conflict that exists. This conflict of interest could exist between the non profit organization and its board members, directors, trustees, or key emp... Read >
Author: Nicole Roach

Cabin Trusts can Solve the Problem of Leaving the Family Cabin or Vacation Home to Your Kids

12th March 2009
When it comes to the assets a Minnesota family can own, nothing is as important to the family as the family cabin. When planning a family's estate, invariably, the vacation home is the one family asset that the parents hope to keep in the family after the... Read >
Author: Cabin Trust Minnesota

Improve Your Donation Thank-You Letters, Cards and Notes: Make Your Donor The Hero.

24th December 2005
One temptation in writing fundraising thank-you letters is to make your organization the star of the letter. You feel pressure to tell your donors how terrific you are, how cost-effective you are or how broke you are. You are tempted to brag about your ac... Read >
Author: Alan Sharpe
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