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Are Memory Foam Mattresses Good for the Environment

05th July 2010
Unlike regular spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses have taken a step in the green direction. Usually, bed items such as mattresses have found themselves lying dormant in landfills around the world - too lumpy for secondhand use and no real alternate... Read >
Author: Chrisday

Fishing for the Yellow Perch in Maine

30th March 2010
Yellow perch, sometimes known as Lake or American perch, are another hugely popular fish found throughout Maine's waters. Like several other members of the perch family, yellow perch are native to Maine, though they have been introduced artificially into ... Read >
Author: Clint Bishop

Fishing for Northern Pike in Maine

22nd March 2010
Northern pike are another popular game fish that can be found in rivers and lakes throughout Maine. Though an excellent sport fish, northern pike have a slightly tainted reputation due to their illegal introduction into many rivers and lakes. Unfortunatel... Read >
Author: Donald Munoz

Secrets Of Carp Fishing Boilies That Consistently Produce Bigger Fish Catches!

25th September 2009
The average carp angler thinks and fishes like an average carp angler! Many anglers follow bait fashions and tackle trends and seem to forget that all this is pretty irrelevant compared to the power of really understanding the deeper secrets of the carp t... Read >
Author: Tim F. Richardson

Choosing the Best Easy-to-build Small Boat Design

30th June 2009
Novice boatbuilders often look at the confusing array of different designs offered by boat designers and are perplexed at what style of boat is right for their needs and intended use. All too often an inappropriate boat design is selected because of looks... Read >
Author: Jeff Spira

The third house represents braveness in Indian astrology

24th November 2008
Dhairya (courage, firmness);Duschikya, (bad thoughts); Uras (breast); Karna (ear), esapecially right ear; Vikrama, (prowess); parakrama; Bhratru, Sahodhara (brother or sister )Younger one, Virya (Heroism) depending upon the planet pourusham (mental streng... Read >
Author: sudhanshuraaj

Top Fishing Spots in Kerry, Ireland

27th October 2008
With miles of coastline dotted with pretty little fishing villages as well as well stocked rivers and lakes, County Kerry has some top fishing spots. It's a fantastic hobby; think about it, no traffic, and no stress, just the sound of the water and plenty... Read >
Author: Mairead Foley

The Mean and Nasty Northern Pike

25th July 2006
Fly fishing on rivers and lakes is often portrayed as a communal zen moment in nature. Seek out the Northern Pike, however, and you are in for anything but a peaceful time. The Mean and Nasty Northern Pike The Pike is undisputedly a creation of som... Read >
Author: Richard Chapo
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