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What are the disadvantages of plastic? How does it affect the environment?

07th June 2011
By Vinit Mehta Plastics are made from petroleum. This brings a host of issues (habitat destruction, extraction of crude oil, the country's unstable security where oil is produced, processed oil, chemical manipulation of different types of plastic). Inv... Read >
Author: Vinit

Tips When Choosing Your Electric Go Kart

31st January 2009
As the green revolution hits the mainstream, the go kart market is responding to the demand for cleaner-running karts. An electric go kart has so many advantages over gas karts that choosing electric over gas should be a no-brainer. Electric models cr... Read >

Exposing the Myths on Fuel Pump Compensators (Aneroid) added to After Market Turbo Systems

13th November 2005
The addition of Fuel Pump Compensators to enhance power with After Market Turbo Systems: There is quite a debate raging about Diesel Fuel Pump Modifications as people strive for more power than is standard from their After Market Turbo Charged 4WD! One... Read >
Author: Byron Moore
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