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Everything you need to know about industrial flooring, floor screeds and floor repair

19th September 2012
Industrial Floor Screeding Cementitious industrial floor screeds can be applied from as little as 3mm thick, these are used to upgrade existing floors to give a new improved look to your industrial flooring, commercial flooring or domestic flooring sur... Read >
Author: psr Flooring

Ductile Iron Manhole Cover

05th January 2011
Ductile iron manhole cover means the manhole covers made by ductile iron, not by gray iron. The buyers choose the ductile iron to get better tensile strength. Ductile iron manhole covers are easily to purchase in China since most of iron foundries can ... Read >
Author: ironfoundry

Sierra Circuits - What Surface Finishes for PCBs are Best for Various Applications?

02nd September 2010
Surface finishes for PCBs fluctuate in reliability, shelf life, flatness, price, and assembly procedures. All finishes have their own benefits; however, the process, product, and / or final use determine which surface finish works best for use with a spec... Read >
Author: sierracircuits

How To Measure Flatness Using Laser?

23rd June 2010
Flatness of a surface is very important to measure and is applied in the case of design and development stages of any project. The flatness is an important criterion for any project or any work. There are several devices which have been used to measure th... Read >
Author: freesmsfi
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