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Hybrid Operating Rooms Offers Unprecedented Flexibility for Complex Cardiovascular Cases

05th April 2011
First-of-its-kind hybrid operating room at the new Carl J. and Ruth Shapiro Cardiovascular Center will enable specialists at the Center to perform advanced cardiac and vascular surgeries, while simultaneously accessing powerful imaging technologies.A firs... Read >
Author: suzannebenz

How to Address an All-Male Audience

10th January 2011
While it is definitely easier to speak to female audiences, you can have as much success with male audiences if you understand the differences between the two. In addition, knowing the makeup of the particular male audience you are addressing will be to y... Read >
Author: The Voice Lady

Barcoding Makes Fire Extinguisher Inspection Cheaper and Faster

29th April 2010
Hundreds of thousands of large facilities and companies nationwide are required by law to have each of their fire extinguishers and other safety equipment inspected monthly. The task can be daunting for places ranging from hospitals to prisons. To this da... Read >
Author: Cristian Hernandez

ICD-9 2010 brings more options for brain injury coding

16th March 2010
CT scan: Subdural haemorrhage caused by trauma The latest edition of ICD-9 coding changes went into effect from Oct. 1, last year; As such, you need to adjust your system to reflect some new diagnosis codes for special neurological screenings to ensure ... Read >
Author: Leigh

Clubfoot Treatment: Freddy Sanchez, A Success Story

09th July 2009
When Freddy Sanchez was born, the doctor told his mother he would never walk. His right foot was smaller than his left and turned inward (a condition known as Clubfoot) and his left foot was pigeon-toed. Twenty-three years later, in 2000, he was drafted b... Read >
Author: kentsmith

The History of Formula Milk

12th August 2006
Despite recent detractors, there can be no doubt that baby milk formula has saved countless lives over the years. The first successful milk formula was produced in the 1860s by Henri Nestle, in Switzerland. It was based on cows' milk and cereals and was t... Read >
Author: Robin OBrien
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