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Find Your Purpose Through Kenneth Copeland Ministries

06th December 2010
If you have traveled significantly in this journey called "life" do you ever have stopped and pondered on the things that you have completed for the past years that you have lived? Where the tasks that you have accomplished gave an influence of what you a... Read >
Author: Garry Ford

Kenneth Copeland Ministries: The truth

10th November 2010
There have been a great deal of stories circulating around the world that people who are followers of Kenneth Copeland Ministries belong to a cult or maybe that they are only being blinded by promises and things that aren't real. It's quite sad to listen ... Read >
Author: Gordon Zimmerman

Why Critics Attack Kenneth Copeland Ministry

09th February 2010
Kenneth Copeland Ministries is an American-based organization which is considered to be one of the most propitious in the United States. It was founded by its namesake, Kenneth Copeland, in the 1970s after being converted to Christianity. He was a former ... Read >
Author: Kenneth Taylor

Mission And Vision Of Kenneth Copeland Ministries

14th December 2009
Kenneth Copeland Ministries or KCM is highly associated with EMCI or Eagle Mountain Church International (Ltd.). KCM has to fulfill a mission to spread the word of Christianity all throughout the world. Together with the other existing Ministries around t... Read >
Author: Kenneth Taylor
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