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WPF Works to Create Apps that give Visually Rich User Experience

21st February 2012
WPF Abstract Almost all companies as well as people depend upon rich plus interactive user interface and additionally use rich media for medium of information. Due to this, need of modern graphics and also interesting visualization has increased. ... Read >
Author: jameslupien

Enterprise Mashups and Data Visualization

23rd June 2010
In, the spirit of Web 2.0 organizations worldwide have begun charting their performance for all to see, using online interactive dashboards replete with pie charts and color-coded diagrams that measure and track progress in different parts of the enterpri... Read >
Author: JJ.Walker

Tips to resolve “Invalid Database Object”

10th February 2010
An MS Access database object, such as, tables, views, forms, etc. can be corrupted due to various logical reasons, such as, simultaneous modification of same database object by more than two users, improper shutdown of the system when the database object ... Read >
Author: colindolly

OST Recovery after Removing User Account and Changing Mailbox Domain

15th December 2009
When you try to login to your mailbox on Exchange Server, you need to authenticate against a specific domain of Exchange Active Directory. You cannot access your .ost file unless you provide the required identify information, which proves that you are a v... Read >
Author: Repair Outlook PSt

Resolving “Checking for corrupt, not cleanly...” Error Message in MySQL database

11th November 2009
One of the major reasons for corruption of MySQL database tables is improper or unexpected shutdown of MySQL Server. An improper shutdown can occur due to power outage or human errors. In most of these situations, you encounter an error message that makes... Read >
Author: Naveen Kadian

Converting Orphaned OST File into PST

24th August 2009
Microsoft Exchange Server works as the most critical component of a messaging and collaborative environment. A separate profile and mailbox is created for every user in the Exchange Server database and it is accessed through Microsoft Outlook. For accessi... Read >
Author: Repair Outlook PSt

BKF Restoration Fails on Windows Server 2003 as a Domain Controller

27th February 2009
When you try to restore backup from a BKF file using NTBackup utility on a server acting as a domain controller with Windows Server 2003 SP1 or SP2, the restoration process may fail. You can encounter certain error messages as: "Backup Status Operati... Read >
Author: Mahi Sony

Access Database Error after JETCOMP.exe fails

23rd February 2009
The inbuilt repair utilities - Compact utility and Compact Database method - in MS Access allow you to perform Access Database Repair in many cases. The Jet compact utility (JETCOMP.exe) is one such recovery utility, which compacts the databases created w... Read >
Author: smithjay111

Resolved: Outlook Hangs While Creating or Opening a Message

08th October 2008
An MS Outlook user must have faced a set of problems with the PST file. Out of which, few are related to PST access while few are general to be tackled through some settings. The weirdest is the one, which indicate that PST is of no use now and needs Outl... Read >
Author: Andrew Watson

Recovering the SQL Database from Suspect\Offline Mode

25th September 2008
The SQL server database can go in the SuspectOffline mode in many situations. The incorrect database status may make you worry. In this situation, none of the SQL query run as expected, like if you opt to have 'Select' query, this will give you "Torn page... Read >
Author: Mark Robin
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