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Assist Hemodialysis Patients with Acupressure Massage Therapy from a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT

15th July 2010
Hemodialysis is often prescribed for patients with end stage renal disease. It is a difficult time for the patients. One of the ways these patients can be supported through this period is with acupressure massage therapy given by a licensed massage therap... Read >
Author: Business Local

Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Subliminal Mp3

10th May 2010
There is a significant number of reports claiming that audio subliminal messages (e.g. subliminal mp3) are effective while some frowns at its deception. Some show proof through client reported results. The scientific community views these client reported ... Read >
Author: Greg Frost

Strategies on Concept Mapping and Their Utility in the Comprehension of Informat

30th August 2009
Strategies on Concept Mapping and Their Utility in the Comprehension of Informative Texts Zohreh Yousefvand Abstract Concept mapping is a technique that allows students to (a) see the connections between ideas they already have, (b) connect new id... Read >
Author: zohreh

Larry Dossey On Oprah's Soul Series

12th January 2009
Larry Dossey, MD, took a leap of faith fifteen years ago when he wrote the book "Healing Words," about the power of prayer to heal. The only study to prove the power of prayer to heal at that time was done by a cardiologist names Randolf Byrd. He praye... Read >
Author: kate loving shenk

Can Learning The Didgeridoo Stop Snoring?

02nd September 2008
Swiss researchers reported in 2006 that playing the didgeridoo, reduces snoring. The didgeridoo is a musical instrument that produces a droning sound. It is a traditional instrument of Australian Aborigines. The study was prompted after a didgeridoo in... Read >
Author: Jenny Jackson

Indoor Tanning Benefits

01st September 2006
Too often we hear all the negative thing about tanning beds but what about the indoor tanning benefits? Great news! Read on to find about some of the benefits you can enjoy. Most of the studies we hear about are all negative telling us how bad tanning is ... Read >
Author: Claris Lindig
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