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6 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Speak Spanish

15th February 2010
Are you considering learning a second language? Why not make it Spanish? Here are six compelling reasons you should consider Spanish as your second language. 1. The Spanish speaking population is huge and growing, especially in the United States. Sp... Read >
Author: Deane Alban

A Few Misconceptions about Spanish

26th July 2008
Some believe that the Spanish language spoken in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Spain (to name a few countries) varies widely from one country to the next. However, this is far from true. The Spanish spoken around the world is for the most part standardized. In ... Read >
Author: SAL

Daddy Yankee

23rd December 2005
Daddy Yankee is one of the best reggaeton artist today. He has won a grammy and has sold over one million albums and has traveled around the world. He was born in Puerto Rico and raised there. He once got shot for being with a gruops of people that we... Read >
Author: sara aponte
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