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Biography: Queen Elizabeth II- Duty Comes First

05th September 2008
There was a time when many little girls, as they grew up, would dream of being a princess, living in a palace, and marrying a handsome prince. For Elizabeth, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, however, this was not a dream but reality. Born on A... Read >
Author: Creative Assistant

What is a Dirty MRF?

21st July 2008
To the uninitiated the term Dirty MRF (pronounced "murf") sounds vaguely unpleasant, maybe even insulting. Perhaps, when you first heard it spoken you thought the person who said it must have been struck by a speech impediment! A dirty MRF (Materials R... Read >
Author: Steve Evans

The Potential Deadly Affects Of Drinking Alcohol

06th December 2006
Are you the type of person who loves to have a few pints of beer or a few glasses of wine at the weekend? Do you like to drink alcohol in the week as well as at the weekend? Are you aware of just how dangerous drinking alcohol can be? In this article I am... Read >
Author: Steve Hill

The Effects Of Having A Speech Impediment

25th January 2006
If you have difficulties with your speech, you are not alone. Latest figures state that over one percent of people in the UK suffer with a stutter or stammer. This article describes the effects that stuttering can have on a persons life. I am somebody ... Read >
Author: Steve Hill
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