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Growing Field of Mechatronics

17th September 2010
Mechatronics is the synergistic mixture of Mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Control engineering and System Design engineering to design and develop useful products. Due to development of fiber optics and other ... Read >
Author: Billal M Mirza

International Calls -a way to talk to your loved ones living far away

13th July 2010
International Calls are the calls which are made between different countries. The procedure is through International Gateway Exchanges.Initially the charges for the calls were high but now they are very less due to advancement in technology and liberaliza... Read >
Author: abbott hog

Fundamentals Of Operating Laser Cutting Machines

12th February 2010
Laser Cutter Configuration Options There are several setups, or configuration choices for lasers. The flying optic setup has an X and Y axis and a Z axis. The material being cut will stay in place. Some laser cutters of the flatbed variety allow for th... Read >
Author: maloyalaser

An Analysis of UV VIS NIR Spectrophotometer Market

23rd December 2009
The market of UV and VIS or visible spectroscopy is fairly profitable with a net worth of more than $700 million in the year 2007 alone. In this data, the specific market for UV VIS NIR spectrophotometer is 10% of the reported net worth for the year. In o... Read >
Author: Alexa Anderson

Byonetics Offers Support for Autism and Much More

05th October 2009
Scientists are beginning to use the computer as a model for the brain. In essence, the brain is a processor of information just like the computer. As with the computer, the brain needs to connect to its mental, physical and emotional software. Neuro... Read >
Author: Karen Kristofler
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