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Equipment a Call Center Agent Needs

15th March 2011
When it comes to their jobs, call center agents need all the help they can get. Agents often have to accomplish many other tasks as they talk to customers, such as record customer information and search for solutions to the customerís problem. This is why... Read >
Author: soniaroody

Phone Chat and Date Lines

15th January 2010
Do a search on any of the search engines for phone chat lines and you'll see quite a few sites offering these services. It's big business here in the UK and the States. So how exactly do they work? Are they full of dodgy people? Are they a con? How can I ... Read >
Author: GObloggs

Green Dot Prepaid Credit Card - Review

07th May 2009
The Green Dot Credit Card is a prepaid card. This may be unfamiliar so let me explain the basics.This is not like an unsecured card where the company issues it and attaches a limit on which they then charge interest as it is used. With this you must depos... Read >
Author: dmoskel

Call Center Abbreviations

08th May 2008
Copyright (c) 2008 Hani MasgidiIn the contact center industry we come across a lot of abbreviations and expressions that are used very often without having a clear definition about them. He You will find a list of these expressions with their definitions ... Read >
Author: Hani Masgidi
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