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Planning and Building a Skills Tracking Process

20th February 2012
Implementing effective Resource and Talent Management practices requires true skills-based tracking and staffing capabilities. In order to develop these capabilities, the PSO must build and maintain an easily accessible, searchable skills database, along ... Read >
Author: Hugh McInnes

Active Directory Tutorial

18th September 2008
What is Active Directory? Active Directory (AD) is a technology created by Microsoft to provide network services including LDAP directory services, Kerberos based authentication, DNS naming, secure access to resources, and more. Active Directory uses a... Read >
Author: Richel Fox

Military Life, Stress, Cold Sores and Canker Sores

30th June 2008
You may think you know what to expect. Family Resource Groups (FRGs) may give classes to spouses for how to handle the stress, the worry, and the sudden shock of a different way of living. But if you're a military spouse or the close relative of a young m... Read >
Author: Janet Malley

Shih Tzu A Secret Treasure Of Happiness In The Imperial Palace

01st December 2005
Eunuchs and their personal hierarchies ran the Imperial households. Li Lien-Yang whom Tzu Hsi (The Empress Dowager) named Chief Eunuch was made responsible for overseeing the breeding and Shih Tzu selections to be presented to her for possibilities of bec... Read >
Author: Connie Limon
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